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Os 10 melhores thrillers jurídicos

While you might know many of these 10 best legal thrillers, a few of them you may not have seen. There have been some very good legal thrillers in the past fifteen to twenty years and they have become a very successful sub-genre. Whether you are a fan of lawyers or thrillers in general, have a look at this list of legal thrillers that will make your next movie night easier.

"Traffic" This Steven Soderbergh film stars Michael Douglas, Benecio Del Toro and Catherine Zeta-Jones who all give top-notch performances. Stephen Gaghan’s screenplay translates well from Simon Moore’s miniseries "Traffik."

"Witness" There was a time in the '80s when Harrison Ford was the go-to man for every role. He expands his horizons here and begins his foray into the stoic everyman with his performance in the "Witness." Kelly McGillis and Lukas Haas stars opposite of Ford.

"Law Abiding Citizen" Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx both turn in solid performances in "Law Abiding Citizen." The focus of the film is the dynamic between a victim’s family that is dealing with a murder and the legal system that helped enable it. Director Gary Gray and writer Kurt Wimmer team to bring the Legal thriller to the big screen.

"A Time to Kill" Matthew McConaughey is not known for his serious roles, but his skills shine in settings like this one where he can use his natural drawl and "man’s man" persona. Samuel Jackson and Sandra Bullock complement "A Time to Kill" and its well-crafted direction by Joel Schumacher and Akiva Goldsman's screenplay.

"The Firm" Tom Cruise takes over the primary role and Grisham teams with Director Sydney Pollack for "The Firm." The film has a decidedly story-driven focus as opposed to Grisham’s films with Joel Schumacher. Gene Hackman co-stars and brings his typical grit and quietly intimidating presence. Akiva Goldsman returns to screenplay duties for "The Firm" as well.

"The Client" This is the third film belonging to the John Grisham, Joel Schumacher and Akiva Goldsman team. The story delves into organized crime and Susan Sarandon plays her role with elegant determination.

"Changing Lanes" We take a break for a moment from John Grisham and look at the Roger Michell directed film “Changing Lanes.” Chap Taylor handles the screenplay and story. Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson star in this film. It is a treat watching Sam Jackson hold back his famous angst and by the time he lets loose a bit, Ben Affleck looks over matched.

"The Pelican Brief" The Pelican brief is one of the better known John Grisham films and one of the better received. Sam Shepard plays opposite Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington in “The Pelican Brief” and the Grisham thriller film formula received another small facelift as Alan Pakula directed and wrote the screenplay.

"Rules of Engagement" Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson return to the top ten list of Legal
thrillers with “Rules of Engagement.” William Friedkin directed, James Webb wrote the story and Stephen Gaghan handled the screenplay. This high-tension military-themed thriller is set in a third world country.

"Double Jeopardy" Tommy Lee Jones' character works hard to defend Ashley Judd against a murder trial. Judd is more than dependable in the role as the clever and wily heroine in distress. Directed by Bruce Beresford and written by David Weisberg and Douglas Cook.

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